Trading in handy disposables for the reusable alternative, isn't always the most convenient option in a world where ease and convenience tends to win in our busy lives, but we know deep down that making more eco-friendly choices and switching things we use often for a reusable item makes sense environmentally, but also saves us money in the long run.

These 10 ways to switch from disposables to reusables are a good place to start, but hopefully they are just the beginning as you seek out your own reusable alternatives to other well used disposable items!

1 - Reusable Shopping Bags

Ok, I know this one isn't exactly a revelation but this is by far the one you should be doing without fail. There are so many shopping bags out there now, and with a 5p charge on throwaway plastic carrier bags, accepting plastic rubbish should become a thing of the past.

2 - Microfibre Cloths

Have a good stash of these in your home to use in place of kitchen roll. There are some great ways to display them and keep them handy, just have a look at Pinterest for inspiration!

3 - Cloth Handkerchiefs

No longer the pocket item of an elderly gentleman, handkerchiefs are making a come back! Have a good supply for when the kids gets the sniffles, wash and reuse again and again!

4 - Cloth Reusable Nappies

Disposable nappies are filling up our landfill at a shocking rate. As much as 3 billion are thrown away in the UK each year, this is pretty hard to imagine but to give you an idea, by the time a child is 2 and a half they would have used on average 6,500 nappies, which amounts to over 10 tonnes of waste. Visually, this would look like 40 black sacks full each year for each child, or 70,000 double decker buses stretching end to end from Edinburgh to London! Need I say more? Switch to reusable nappies!

5 - Stainless steel Lunchbox

Making your own packed lunch in a reusable Eco-friendly lunchbox is by far the healthiest, and most delicious way to enjoy your lunch. It's a great way to use up leftovers and reducing food waste.

6 - Reusable stainless steel Straws

Show me a child that doesn't love a straw! Unfortunately, these fun little throwaways are a huge problem on our beaches and in our oceans, affecting sealife, wildlife and the long term look of our beautiful coastline. I'm not saying don't have straws, just buy reusable glass, bamboo or stainless steel ones instead! Keeping a few in your bag means you can refuse throwaway plastic straws when you're out and about too.

7 - Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are recyclable, yet still we have a problem with them ending up in landfill and in our oceans! Even if you put your plastic bottles into your recycling collection box each week, they will be recycled into a lower grade plastic which will then end up not being a recyclable plastic....and then ending up in landfill anyway. Cutting plastic from your life is not a light decision, but it's a good one. We suggest starting with cutting plastic carrier bags and plastic water bottles, get yourself a really nice reusable water bottle which you love using, as this will encourage you to always carry it with you!

8 - Reusable Coffee Cup

With so much in the media lately about coffee cups not being recyclable, there really is no excuse for not getting yourself a reusable coffee cup if you enjoy coffee on-the-go.

9 - Beeswax Food Wrap

Cling film - plastic wrap, whatever you like to call it. It should not be littering our planet anymore! With the amazing invention of the reusable beeswax wrap, cling film can be forgotten as we cover our leftovers, wrap our sandwiches and cover meat and cheese in the fridge with our reusable beeswax wrap.

10 - Reusable Sandwich Bag

Ditch disposable plastic sandwich bags and opt for the reusable alternative, an Eco-friendly reusable sandwich bag which is washable and can also be used for snacks on the go, wrapping meats or cheeses for keeping in the fridge!


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November 09, 2016 by Jyoti Shaw