5 ways to Bring out your Inner Jedi and Celebrate May the 4th (Star Wars Day!)

1. Movie marathon

this year May the 4th is at the start of the weekend which turns it into the perfect opportunity to watch all of them. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. If you are not sure in the order you should watch them, this guide can help you decide whether the chronological, the production or the “machete” order is the best.

2. Treat yourself (or others) to a re-usable cup for your journey to work or to use in the office.

You can pick from R2D2, Darth Vader, BB8 or go all out and get them all in a limited edition collector’s set. Have a look at all of them here!

3. Bake.

Whether you want to make Stormtrooper cookies, adorable BB-8 cake pops or a Yoda nachos plate, these snacks are sure to put a smile on every Star Wars’ fan.

4. Like Yoda talk all day.

This might result in some confusing conversations but it’s a great way May the 4th to honour.

5. Help protect your planet, Star Wars style.

You don’t have to go into battles with your father or master telepathy to save the planet. You can make small changes to your daily life that will reduce the amount of waste that you produce. For example, replace the plastic food wrap with a reusable and compostable beeswax wrap, or carry a reusable coffee cup with you.



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