What better way to enjoy the summer than packing a picnic, and spending the day somewhere eating, drinking and relaxing! If this is something you will be doing a lot of this summer, follow our 9 tips for a waste free picnic!

  1. Organise a pot luck with friends where each person brings something to share.
  2. Shop package free by shopping loose fruit & veg and visiting the meat, cheese and deli counters.
  3. Make your own food from scratch, it tastes better and you can avoid packaged food.
  4. Use reusable containers like stainless steel lunchboxes and glass food containers.
  5. Use real cutlery, there is no need for throwaway plastic cutlery!
  6. Use reusable stainless steel straws and avoid plastic straws. Bamboo and glass straws are also a great reusable straw.
  7. Use cloth napkins, simply wash and use again!
  8. Use reusable drink bottles like a glass or stainless steel water bottle or an insulated bottle. If it's something fizzy you're taking, fill up a stainless steel growler.
  9. Reinvent leftovers if you have any! Don't waste the food, take it home and use for your next meal.

To keep you on track, we've created this handy infographic of our 9 tips for a waste free picnic!

June 11, 2017 by Jyoti Shaw