Christmas Gifts to help reduce plastic

I don't know about you, but I'm really looing forward to Christmas. With young children in the house, it's easy to get wrapped up in the excitement and talk about it ALL the time, from what the kids want from Father Christmas to what we're going to cook for everyone on Christmas day, what cocktails we'll drink and even what music we'll play!

With all the excitement, it's also really easy to get carried away with buying, decorations, food, going out for Christmas drinks with friends and colleagues, the list could go on. But this year, I am trying to be very mindful of the purchases I make. Shopping locally, ethically, plastic free and as much as possible packaging free are my priorities to enure that I am not contributing to the huge amount of unnecessary waste that refuse companies will be 'dealing with' over the festive period.

Another way to give thoughtfully this year, is to give a gift that helps to reduce waste, particularly plastic waste. With so much in the media lately about plastic pollution in our ocean, and the finale of Blue Planet 2 talking about how we can all do our bit to reduce plastic ending up in the ocean, it would be hard for anyone to ignore the message that's finally getting out there about the problem we face. So we thought, giving a gift to help a loved one reduce plastic would be a wonderful idea!

1. A reusable water bottle to replace plastic bottles

This is one of the easiest swap to make for someone that hasn't already. We love the Klean Kanteen Reflect water bottle because it looks so beautiful and has a loop handle for easy carrying.

2. A reusable coffee cup to replace a throwaway cup coffee cup

Coffee lovers rejoice! If you know someone that loves coffee, but they haven't yet got themself a reuable coffee cup this is for them!

3. A reusable sandwich wrap to replace a plastic sandwich bag

We love the Bee's Wrap sandwich bags because they are natural, reusable and beautiful.

4. A reusable shopping bag to replace plastic carrier bags

5. Reusable straws to replace plastic straws

Reusable stainless steel straws and reusable glass straws also make a great little stocking filler for the kids!

6. Reusable food wraps to replace plastic wrap

The lovely Bee's Wrap don't just make sandwich wraps, but they also make a variety of different size food wraps which are ideal for covering food, bowls, bread, cheese etc etc.

7. Reusable cloth produce bags to replace plastic bags in fruit and vegetable isles

This is one swap that many people just don't think of. The number of comments I have had in grocery shops to say what a great idea they and that they have never seen them before!

Giving reusable gifts like these, are a great way to introduce the 'reusable revolution' to loved ones that are interested but haven't quite got round to doing something about it. It's a great way to help someone reduce plastic, but without being too judgey or pushy!






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