Eco-friendly back to school lunch kit

While you’re soaking up the (rather unpredictable) summer sunshine, the back to school season is just around the corner…

We all love starting the school year well equipped with everything we need, organised and ready to start the school year afresh! Unfortunately though, many back to school products aren’t doing you, or the planet, any good at all. Many things are wrapped in unnecessary wasteful packaging, and made using cheap labour to make cheap – and often low-quality products made for quick and easy profit.

Then we come to the kids lunch kit, you’ll find shelves full of plastic containers for food and drinks in all sorts of styles and colours. Often basing our choice on which design our child would like, it’s easy to forget to include what the product is actually MADE from in your decision making. Plastic contains harmful chemicals which can leach into the food and drink it contains; this has been linked to all sorts of diseases and although we might think that choosing a BPA-free version is the best option, let’s not forget that plastic is still made up of a large cocktail of other chemicals! Avoiding plastic lunch products all together is our recommendation, and when it comes to back to school purchasing in general we recommend the ‘buy less and shop smart’ motto;  choosing well made products that will last, as well as looking at second hand, especially when it comes to school uniform.

This brings us onto what we’re good at, eco-friendly reusable back to school lunch kits. We’ve curated some kits which include a lunch bag, lunch box and stainless steel water bottle and many of our products are great for ‘topping up’ on the lunch kit you may already have. We’re also offering 10% OFF everything in our Back to School range until 3rd September!

Back to School Sets



Your kids might not be in need of a full lunch kit, as what they have is perfectly usable for now but we have many other things in our Back to School Collection, including stainless steel lunchboxes like LunchBots and kids stainless steel water bottles, glass water bottles, reusable sandwich bags and reusable snack bags.


Enjoy the rest of summer and ciao for now!



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