Stocking Fillers for the Eco Conscious

November 27, 2017 0 Comments

Stocking Fillers for the Eco Conscious

As we're gearing up for our Christmas gift buying, it's also time to start finding little gifts to fill up Christmas stockings and we have a few ideas on keeping the stocking ethical, green and eco-friendly this year.



1 - Reusable Stainless steel straws

Everyone loves a straw, but plastic throwaway straws are a huge problem in our oceans and landfill so go for the eco option and get some reusable stainless steel or glass straws! The kids will love them, and I'm pretty sure the grown-ups will too!

2 - Organic cotton Zip Pouch

This handy organic cotton pouch can be used for many things, including a make-up bag, sandwich or snack bag, a wet bag, handbag organiser or a pencil case! These are a handy, eco stocking filler.

3 - Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush

Hydrophil produce carbon neutral, vegan bamboo toothbrushes which are available for kids and adults in a range of colours so you will never get mixed up in the bathroom. A toothbrush in the kids stocking is always a must in our house, but a bamboo toothbrush makes it the eco-friendly option.


4 - Bamboo Kids Cutlery

Perfect for little hands, this kids cutlery set is great for little ones that want to start trying to eat alone with thier fork and spoon. This set is made from organic bamboo, and the cute animal faces make them fun for eco stocking filler ideas.

5 - Organic Baby Bib

Available in a range o designs, this organic cotton baby bib is soft and easy to take on and off. Great for a dribbley baby, or those starting to experiment with solid food but still enjoy throwing it around!

6 - Silicone Baby Teethers

These multi-sensory teethers have four different sections to help develop oral motor skills. For a teething baby, these teething rings are ideal because they can bite down into the silicone to  releive pain and the ring design makes them really easy for small babies to hold onto.


7 - Bee's Wrap reusable food wrap

Made from organic muslin fabric and treated with a bee's wax and tree resin cover to make it reusable, the Bee's Wrap is a wonderful stocking filler for the eco conscious. Available in different sizes and designs, Bee's Wrap is a must for Christmas gifts this year!

8 - Chicobag Reusable shopping bag

This shopping bag squishes right down into it's own pouch, making it ideal for keeping in your bag, the car or even in your pocket. With so many reusable shopping bags out there now, the Chicobag will mean you'll never be caught at the checkout without your own reusable shopping bag!

9 - Lunchskins Reusable Sandwich Bag

Snacks or sandwiches, pencils, passports  or anything else you wish to keep dry, the Lunchskins has it covered (excuse the pun!), with many designs to choose from this sandwich bag would make any child or grown up happy!

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