Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It’s fast approaching, the one day of the year that we make a special effort to thank our mum for all the wonderful work she has done in raising us, supporting us, lending a shoulder, a hand, a few quid!

I like to let my mum know I appreciate her throughout the year, but it is nice to have the opportunity to really show her how much you love her. Giving a thoughtful gift on Mother’s Day is the perfect way to say thank you, mum.

We’ve selected a handful of eco gifts that your mum will love, thoughtful gifts that she will really appreciate.

Ethical Gifts for Her

Thoughtful Gift #1 – Eco Water Bottle - £27.00

The first thoughtful eco gift is the Eco water bottle, a lightweight reusable water bottle which is made from sugarcane. It’s available in three beautiful patterns and is completely biodegradeable at the end of its (very long) life!

Thoughtful Gift #2 – Bee’s Wrap Reusable Food Wrap - £14.50

This set of 3 different size Bee’s Wrap are a great way to ditch the plastic wrap in the kitchen and replace it with the eco alternative, so if your mum is very environmentally conscious she will really love this gift!

Thoughtful Gift #3 – Ethical Handmade Bracelet - £15.00

This beautiful bracelet is handmade in Uganda by women artisans who roll up paper and make them into lovely little beads. This is truly a gift that gives, as the company that makes these bracelets offers education and training to women in Uganda, offering them a platform for them to sell there work and providing dignified jobs for women.

Thoughtful Gift #4 – All Natural Soap Bars - £5.75 each

Wonderfully illustrated, these all natural soap bars come in different scents. The Gardener’s Hand Soap and Relaxing Bath Soap would make a lovely combination, but with 7 to choose from you can hand pick which natural soaps would be most suitable for your mum.

Thoughtful Gift #5 – Market Shopping Basket - £25.00

Perfect for shopping at the local farmer’s market, but useful for all sorts of other activities the Marlet Basket is a great eco gift for Mother’s Day. The Market Basket is available in three different patterns, it has a solid flat base and internal frame making it super strong, but it also fold down flat for easy storage! What’s not to love about this bag?

Thoughtful Gift #6 – Ethical Handmade Gold & Brass Necklace - £38.00

Ethically made in Bali by skilled artisans, this brass and gold necklace offers a simple statement necklace to suit all tastes. Ethical jewellery is a new range we have added to the website recently and we’re already getting great feedback about these beautifully made pieces.

Thoughtful Gift #7 – Reusable Insulated Coffee Cup - £16.95

If your mum loves her coffee and hates waste, a reusable coffee cup would be the perfect eco gift for her! Just the right size for a small coffee on the go, this cup keeps hot drinks hot for hours and also comes with a café cup lid for easy drinking when you’re out and about.


Whatever you choose to buy for your mum this Mother’s Day, make it a thoughtful eco gift that she’ll love and the planet will appreciate :)



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