We're launching our own range of stainless steel lunchboxes!

After what feels like months of planning and deciding, we’ve bitten the bullet and we’re launching our own range of stainless steel lunchboxes!

Just to confuse you (but hopefully not!) our range of lunchboxes will come under the brand name of My Cleverbox, our old company name! Firstly, this name completely makes sense for a clever range of lunchboxes but it’s also our way of remembering our beginnings when we started Eqo (then My Cleverbox) almost 4 years ago.

Why stainless steel lunchboxes?

Well I use stainless steel lunchoxes ALL the time. I use them for the kids packed lunch, I use them for mine. I use them for leftovers, snacks, storing home-made bliss balls, biscuits and cakes. I use them in my local bulk shop and I use them on day’s out when I want to take a few things for the kids to play with, like crayons, toy cars and lego!

I love the two-layered design, but couldn’t find one big enough available in the UK so I set out to find a manufacturer. Finding a manufacturer that values fair and safe trade, as well as providing good working conditions to their employees was important to us and we found the manufacturer we wanted to work with in India. We can safely say, our lunchboxes are responsibly made.

Working with our manufacturer to make a large two-layered lunchbox was fun, but we decided to also offer the smaller version too as this size is perfect for kids. Not only that, we’re including a three layered round lunchbox which I have found incredibly useful, especially if you have children (three bowls of snacks for on the go, three portions of overnight oats on an early morning journey, three portions of lunch or dinner!) and even if you don’t, as I often use this one for myself when taking breakfast and snacks to the office.

My Cleverbox will have its own website eventually, but in the meantime we’ll have them for sale on Eqo. In fact, they’re already available for pre-order if you’re really keen you can buy My Cleverbox lunchboxes and we’ll send it out as soon as the lunchboxes arrive in mid-March.

We’re really excited about the next step of launching our own range of stainless steel lunchboxes, and can’t wait to share the news as soon as they arrive!



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