Why choose a glass water bottle?

With so many water bottles on the market these days, it’s hard to know which one to choose and we tend to go for the lightest and easiest to carry which is often made from plastic.

However, the thing at the top of your list when choosing the right water bottle is what it is made from and there really are only two options in our opinion, stainless steel or glass.

Since this article is all about glass water bottles, we’ll focus on glass but stainless steel water bottles are the only alternative to glass and these are lighter than glass if it’s the weight of the bottle that is important to you.

Why choose a glass water bottle?

Glass water bottles are better for you. Your drink will taste much better when sipped from glass, and the reason for this is that glass doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals into your drink like BPA, phthalate, PVC or polycarbonate therefore maintaining the fresh, untainted taste.

BPA is a chemical often used in plastic, and this chemical has had a lot of bad press over the years (and quite rightly so!) resulting in most plastic baby bottles and plastic water bottles becoming BPA-free. But this is just one chemical in a whole cocktail of chemicals which are used for plastic production, other harmful chemicals remain in plastic and are also linked to negative effects on our reproductive organs, like the breast and prostate causing serious diseases like cancer as well as heart problems. Using a glass water bottle instead of plastic means nothing will leach into your drink, with no worries of potential harmful effects on your body.

Not only are glass water bottles healthy for our body, but they are healthy for the planet too! Made from completely natural sustainable raw materials, glass can be recycled again and again and doesn’t get downgraded like plastic when it’s recycled more than once, making it unrecyclable.

In recent news, we’ve learnt that only a third of plastic actually gets recycled with the rest ending up in landfill or our oceans. Now more than ever, we need to make more conscious choices when it comes to choosing what we buy and what it is made from.

So which bottle should we go for when choosing a glass water bottle? This is down to personal choice on the style and feel of a bottle, but one other consideration to make when buying your glass water bottle is the brand you are buying from, and their environmental credentials as a business and their manufacturing processes.

We love Lifefactory as they offer a range of glass bottles from babies through to grown-ups as well as glasses, food containers and insulated bottles. Their range is stylish and smart, with everything being dishwasher proof and easy to use which is so important when choosing the right glass water bottle for you. For example, Lifefactory offer different caps like a straw cap or a flip cap and the baby bottles can then easily be turned into a sippy bottle when they become toddlers, simply by buying the sippy caps which fit onto the baby bottle.


But they are heavier than plastic and they might break I hear you say! Yes, glass tends to be heavier than plastic but this is a small compromise against all the benefits of using a glass water bottle. Unless we are going on a long hike, in which case a stainless steel water bottle would be better suited, then the weight of the water bottle really shouldn't be of concern. As for breaking the bottle, there is also this risk as there is with using glasses instead of plastic cups but most glass water bottles come with a protective sleeve which will offer some protection if the bottle is dropped.

Whichever bottle you decide to go for, I hope you feel convinced that the ONLY ones you should buy are made from glass or stainless steel.


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