Women's Adventures and Paddling against Plastic

We promote waste free living as we believe that each one of us should do what we can to protect our environment from unnecessary pollution, particularly plastic pollution. We are always inspired by people we come across who are doing everything they can to make a difference, and we're delighted that Rebecca from WAExpo has taken the time to let us know about some amazing adventures and events taking place soon, read on.....

Adventure and environment go hand in hand. As the love of the natural world often leads people into the world of adventure, adventure often leads people to campaign for the protection of the natural world.

For example, take Cal Major, the adventurous paddle boarder who set up Paddle Against Plastic. This July Cal, joined by Zoe Satsias will be circumnavigating the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Cal will be stand up paddle boarding 400 miles of stunning, exposed and untouched coastline, while Zoe and her dog (appropriately named Skye) will be land-based, running and hiking through varying terrain. The two Eco Adventurers share a passion, to communicate with people the absolute necessity to protect the natural environment, and the adventure will focus specifically on the marine litter crisis!

Cal say’s “Our belief is that by reconnecting people to nature and highlighting the issues being faced, we can nurture within them a desire to make more informed choices which safeguard the planet and its wildlife from the devastating effects of plastic pollution, whether this is individuals making a difference on a small scale or business owners changing the habits of their enterprise.”

You can find out more about Cal and Zoe’s adventure, and Paddle Against Plastic here: https://paddleagainstplastic.com/

Many fantastic expeditions like this are supported by Bristol based Women’s Adventure Expo. The first and only adventure and travel expo in the UK dedicated to women, with the aim of empowering women who are interested in, or engaged in, adventure and exploration. WAExpo is also a Social Enterprise whose primary aim is to benefit the community rather than make money for shareholders. Profits made by WAExpo are reinvested back into the enterprise, so that they can provide more events; expand their online platform, and develop projects which engage women with the health and wellbeing of adventure.

The organisation joins many women together who want to explore and challenge their own boundaries and grow in confidence and self-belief. By sharing resources; networking, providing empowering events, promoting inclusive opportunities for women, WAExpo deliver a highly motivated and active community, ready to harness positive action and produce meaningful value to society.

The groups latest project is called Managing Menstruation in Extreme Environments, a crowdfunded academic research project, supported by the University of Bristol’s intern scheme. The project aims to identify and explore issues around menstruation in challenging environments around the world, looking at many different factors including types of environment, age, health status, contraception status, cultural background, waste disposal and practicalities in the field. The project will produce practical information for women, such as articles and subject to funding a guide book for outdoor enthusiast.

WAExpo are inviting people to support their crowdfunding campaign, and also fill out a research survey this summer, in order to gain valuable information. You can find out more about MMiEEP and how to get involved here: http://womensadventureexpo.co.uk/managing-menstruation-in-extreme-environments-project-mmieep/

If adventure is something you are interested in, on any scale the WAExpo welcomes you to attend their annual event at @Bristol on October 7th. You can expect a full inspirational programme of leading female adventure speakers, informative workshops, exhibitors and heaps of empowering vibes! Ali Mahoney a WAExpo participant said, “In November 2015 I went along to the first Women’s Adventure Expo. By May 2016 I was riding my bike from my home in South Wales to Chamonix in the French Alps. There’s no way I would have done this without being inspired, motivated and enthused by the Expo. The Expo-effect is contagious!”. Other participants have raved about the inclusive atmosphere, and when participants were asked how WAExpo made them feel, they said, “I felt encouraged and empowered to stop thinking about adventures, and start having them. I've found my adventure allies, and I'm planning trips now.” And “I felt inspired to never, not do anything for fear of failing or any other obstacles, I would put in my way, but instead to reach for my goals and dreams firmly. Also, it made me realise that I need to do more of what I love, which is being outdoors, and that it really is good for the soul.”

If you love the environment and being out in the natural world, the chance is you will love WAExpo! To find out more about Women’s Adventure Expo, outdoor adventure and how to get involved contact info@womensadventureexpo.co.uk and remember to save 7th of October in your diary!


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