Zuperzozial Bamboo Cups - Set of 6


Brand Zuperzozial

These Zuperzozial Bamboo Cups come in a set of 6 assorted colours and can be used for anything you fancy sipping. Juice, wine, tea or coffee the cups can take anything, whilst creating a fun atmosphere at the table!
Zuperzozial is not only zuper stylish but, also kind to the environment too. Made from natural bamboo & corn powder to bind it together, Zuperzozial cups are food-use approved by both EU & US regulators and very durable. The entire range is ethically produced and takes around 3 years to degrade once disposed of.
The rustic, almost stone-like feel to the range, also complements perfectly the philosophy behind this collection.
Available in two different sizes, perfect for children and adults!
  • Assorted colours
  • Available in small or large sizes
  • D 7,4 x H 7,5 cm p/pc
  • Small Capacity - 150ml
  • Large Capacity - 250ml
  • Made of bamboo and corn
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Environmentally friendly and for long term use
  • 100% biodegradable

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