Retap 08 Glass Water Bottle


Brand Retap

Rethink Water. That's the motto of Retap, the designers of this simply stylish glass water bottle. The Retap 08 glass water bottle is great for one, even better for sharing. Fill it up from the tap, and store in the fridge for cold water anytime. Using a reusable water bottle is an eco-friendly way of staying hydrated, and choosing glass means that no nasty toxins will leach into your water contaminating the taste. The Retap 08 bottles are produced from borosilicate glass which is stronger, more heat resistant, and more eco-friendly than regular glass. The lid is made from a very tactile BPA free plastic/rubber blend which is removed using a 'twist and pull' action. When replacing the lid make sure you push it down until you hear the click - meaning the lid is on tightly and shouldn't leak.

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