Our Story

I am Jyoti and I run Eqo, an online shop offering carefully sourced home and lifestyle goods. I spend my time juggling the chaos that four children bring, with my passion for finding well-designed eco-friendly products.

Having a family made me acutely aware of the ‘stuff’ children can bring to our lives. A lot of it unneeded, I began to rid our family of unnecessary items in our home at the same time as being inspired by a then unheard of zero waste movement. This movement of trying to minimise the waste we produce, made me question everything I purchased but I also began paying more attention to how something was made. Having bought organic food for years, transitioning to a low waste and plastic-free lifestyle, questioning the story behind how things are made, I felt I was well on track on my journey to greener living. And I wanted Eqo to do the same.

My hope is to inspire people to think not only about how well designed and made the item they’re purchasing is, but also how ethically it was produced. Making ethical and sustainable choices has become the norm for me, and I hope it will inspire you to make that choice too.

What we do

We source beautifully designed, well-made items which are consciously produced. Belongings that you will cherish and keep for a lifetime, using again and again, standing the test of time.

How it’s made matters to us. Everything you buy has a positive or negative impact in the world. We can use our purchase as a vote to support people that are passionate about what they make, rather than contribute to the throwaway culture of modern consumerism we’re becoming so used to.

Based in Bristol, we source ethical products around the world from designers, makers and entrepreneurs. Goods that will support your journey to reducing waste, items you will love to hold, treasure, use and keep. Things that support a better world, a fairer world, an ethical world.

Our beliefs


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