The PackBasket

The PackBasket

What is a PackBasket?

An idea taken from one of the oldest surviving traditions in Adirondack Park, New York, the 'pack basket' was used to carry heavy loads for hunting, fishing, trapping and other mountain pursuits. The structure of the Adirondacks pack basket was ingenious, as the design allowed for increased stability with a flat bottom to enable it to stand upright when taken off the back and placed on the floor or table.


Now of course, our outdoor pursuits are mostly recreational but the idea of the Adirondack pack basket is still very relevant today and as useful to us now as it was back in the 1800's. This is why we have brought from the USA, the PackBasket, designed with the stability and strength of the Arirondack pack in mind this modern bag can be used in so many ways.

A bag, pannier & backpack all in one

That's right, this bag is unique because of it's many uses! As a bag, it out performs all other reusable shopping bags. It's strong, folds flat and stands alone when put down on the table or floor due to it's hard flat base. As a pannier, the bag easily hooks onto the side of your bike and as a backpack, the removeable backpack handles mean you can convert the bag for carrying on your back when you need your hands free. One more accessory is the cooler liner, converting the bag into a cool bag for picnics or perishables from your shopping trip.


What can they be used for?

That really depends on you! They can be used for so many things, that it's all depending on what you get up to. Use them for shopping (obviously), picnics, hiking adventures, beach bag, swimming bag, car tidy, apple picking, weekend bag, taking stuff to work, the uses are endless!




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