A conversation, a community, a campaign

At Eqo we want to be the first place you come for stylishly sustainable stuff to use - and reuse, again and again - around your home and on the go. But we want to be so much more than that.

Because we're a business built on strong convictions - the strongest of which is that, when it comes to taking positive action to protect our planet, we're all in this together.

Which is what #WorthSaving is all about...

Let's do this, together

It's our warm invitation to you to join us in "doing our bit" - making a real commitment to reducing waste by choosing the reusable alternative, whenever possible.

To help you, our monthly #WorthSaving newsletter will contain tips, challenges and little changes you and your family can make that will add up to help you make a bigger impact.

So please do use Eqo as a resource for waste-free living. We're here to inspire you to find new ways of reducing waste, and removing the "f" from "refuse"!

Sign up to our #worthsaving email here.

And, of course, we also want to hear from you, if you have ideas and suggestions for how Eqo could be better. Just let us know what we're doing right, and where we can improve.

Finally, we hope you will lend us your voice, and get talking about the reusable revolution by using our #WorthSaving hashtag on social media.

Whether you want to share lovely pictures of places you've been that make our world #WorthSaving, show off the delicious contents of your reusable lunchbox, or simply celebrate saving your fantastic meal from the night before, you can help to spread the word and get the message across…

Small changes can make a big impact.

Each one of us is responsible for our planet.

Saving the world really does begin at home.



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