ADK Packworks Packbasket - Patterns

The ADK Packbasket is an innovative reusable shopping bag, new to the UK. While other reusable shopping bags crumble, allowing your produce to move around in the bag - the Packbasket stands tall, due to it's semi-rigid, lightweight internal frame which stays upright independant of load. This makes it easy for you to pack your shopping, feeling rest assured that it won't move around in the bag!

The internal frame folds flat easily for storage, whether in your home, the car or at the office, they are so useful you'll want to make sure you always have one to hand. The adjustable strap allows for a variety of carrying positions, either two handled, over the shoulder or by using the integrated handles on the bag.

There are also a variety of excellent accessories that can be purchased separately, inluding a pannier system so that you can easily hook your Packbasket onto the side of your bike, as well as a backpack system for even more flexibility of carrying options and a cooler liner which inserts into the Packbasket to make it into a cool bag for storing fridge items from your shop or for picnics.

However you choose to carry your Packbasket, once you have one you'll never be without it! Available in a variety of colours and patterns. Watch our short video to see the many different ways to use your Packbasket! [embed][/embed] Features:

  • Padded Handle Wraps on Carry Strap
  • Adjustable Carry Strap used as:
    • 2 Handle Tote
    • Over the Shoulder
    • Integrated Frame Handles
  • Folding Metal Frame and Bottom
  • Easy Removal Bag for Cleaning
  • Compatible with all ADK Packworks Packbasket Accessories
  • Includes topper in the same colour
  • Specs:
  • 15"H x 11.5"W x 8"D
  • 1380 Cubic Inches
  • 400 D Ripstop Nylon

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