Bee's Wrap Assorted 3-pack - Clover print

Finally you can do away with your throwaway plastic food wrap, and choose a natural, sustainable alternative instead which is also reusable!

The Bee's Wrap is a beeswax wrap made from organic cotton fabric which has been dipped in natural beeswax and infused with organic jojoba oil and tree resin making this reusable food wrap a water resistant, reusable, natural food wrap to keep food fresher for longer.

We use the Bee's Wrap reusable food wraps for wrapping sandwiches for work, covering leftovers in bowls, wrapping cut fruit and vegetables to keep the fresh and wrapping small snacks for when we're out and about.

The assorted 3-pack means you have a variety of sizes to suit all situations.

Small: 7'' x 8'' - wrap a lemon, nuts and seeds, cherry tomatoes.

Medium: 10'' x 11'' - wrap herbs, cheese or cover a bowl.

Large: 13'' x 14'' - cover a large bowl, a bunch of greens or half a melon.

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