Bee's Wrap Bread Wrap


Brand Bee's Wrap

If you find your bread going stale quicker than you hoped, you'll find it will keep longer when wrapped in a Bee's Wrap Bread Wrap. This beeswax wrap is a great size for wrapping a nice big crusty loaf you have picked up from the local bakery or farmer's market, but it's uses don't stop there! Like all the Bee's Wrap products you can use this large reusable food wrap for covering leftovers, wrapping a cut up melon, covering a cake or anything else that would usually require plastic wrap.

The Bee's Wrap is a large piece of organic cotton fabric dipped in beeswax and infused with organic jojoba oil and tree resin. This gives it an antibacterial quality, water resistant and reusable.

Bee's Wrap Bread Wrap: 17'' x 23''

Care instructions: Hand wash in cool water with a mild dish soap, leave to dry naturally and it's ready to use again once dry.

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