BUILT Reusable Shopping Bag


Brand Built

When you are looking for the perfect reusable shopping bag to fit inside your bag, the BUILT reusable shopping bag does just the job. They are the perfect size grocery bags to fit your shopping in, but are also very useful for taking to the beach, swimming, picnics and anything else that would otherwise require a reusable shopping bag!

As you may know, BUILT like to use neoprene in their products and this reusable shopping bag has not escaped that! Their nylon shopping bag comes with a neoprene shoulder pad for extra comfort and support when you're carrying heavy loads, but this shoulder pad also doubles up as a carrying case for the bag when it's not in use.

With the 5p plastic bag charge now fully in effect in the UK, it's handy to keep a variety of reusable shopping bags to hand to ensure you are never caught out shopping without them! Using reusable grocery bags means less plastic bags ending up in landfill so we can feel rest assured we're doing our bit to saving the planet!

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