Lifefactory Teats for baby bottle (4 stages)


Brand Lifefactory

The Lifefactory Teats are made from silicone and come in 4 stages from birth to toddlers. Choose from Stage 1 for 0-3 months, Stage 2 for 3-6 months, Stage 3 for 6+ months and Y-Cut for a fast flow for older babies and toddlers. The teats also come with BPA/BPS-free solid caps for fitting on top of the bottle before adding the lid to stop the drink leaking when you put the bottle in your bag. The founder of Lifefactory was a paediatric feeding specialist for 17 years and therefore the bottles and Lifefactory teats are specifically designed to aid feeding.
  • 2 teats
  • Ridges on the teats to allow air flow to occur which prevents nipple collapse.
  • Medical-grade Silicone

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