Mushroom Brush


Brand Eqo Online

This delightful little Mushroom Brush is perfect for brushing your mushrooms clean before cooking with them, which is very handy as you can’t wash mushrooms in water as it will dilute their flavour in your dish!

The Mushroom Brush is a nice little addition to an eco-friendly, waste-free kitchen and would also make a cute small gift for someone you love.

The Mushroom Brush even looks like a little mushroom to add to it’s appeal, and is made from beech wood with light horsehair bristles.

If you love foraging for wild mushrooms, often have mushrooms in your veg box or simply just love them, then this Mushroom Brush is the perfect little companion in your kitchen!

  • Made from beech wood and light horse hair bristles
  • 4.5cm

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