Reusable Travel Cup - KeepCup coffee mug 340 ml


Brand Keep Cup

A lightweight plastic coffee cup which is sustainably made, bright in colours and reusable! The KeepCup reusable coffee mug is one of the best plastic travel coffee cups on the market.

If you want to refuse single-use throwawy coffee cups, but also don't fancy a heavy glass reusable coffee mug then the KeepCup plastic coffee cup is the one to go for. Use it when you're out and about, on long journeys (or short for that matter!) or even just taking the kids to the park!

You might wonder why this KeepCup is made from plastic, but did you know that disposable cups are lined with a thin plastic film making them unrecyclable. So even though this KeepCup plastic coffee cup is made from plastic, it's all about less plastic and here's why:

  • When manufacturing plastic, the resources needed are fairly low which means you only need to use your KeepCup plastic coffee cup 15 times before 'breaking even' with paper cups in terms and mmanufacture and use.
  • The KeepCup plastic coffee cup is lightweight and unbreakable.
  • The are available in lots of different colour combinations to suit all tastes!
  • Cleaning is easy as they are dishwasher safe.
  • The KeepCup plastic coffee cup is recyclable at the end of it's life.

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